February 28, 2019 Dr. Bita Moalej

Why Woodland Hills Braces are Right for Adults

Correcting your teeth using braces can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are an adult. Orthodontic treatment requires a lot of commitment, and with the busy lives, we currently lead it can seem impossible.

In addition, with society pressuring that braces should only be used when quite young, getting them may be embarrassing. However, braces may be the best solution to straightening your teeth and getting your smile back.

The Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group provides a variety of dental treatments that will help you gain back your confidence and put a smile back on your face with adult braces.

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Why Braces are Worth It

There is no joy or comfort associated with getting metal brackets on your teeth. This is the main reason why many adults do not want to go through the pain of getting braces. The brackets will be tightened every time you visit your orthodontist and the soreness in your mouth will come back again.

The discomfort that comes with braces is also another reason that adults may not want to get them. The tightening of the brackets and subsequent pain prevents many from enjoying their favorite meals. Teeth remain fragile for the first few days, leaving you with a diet of only soft foods.

However, this pain is worth it in the end. Woodland Hills orthodontists will ensure that by the end of your treatment, your teeth will be straighter, leaving you with a joyous smile. As an adult, caring about your teeth should not be taxing.

The following are some of the Woodland Hills braces offered for adults:

Lingual Braces

No one wants to ruin their chances of closing a business deal by turning up to a meeting with a smile of braces. Lingual braces are ideal for adults embarrassed of being seen with them.

Aligned in the inside of your teeth, you can easily give a big smile without these braces being seen.

Self-Litigating Bracket

It has been used as one of the traditional dental treatments for teeth correction. The self-litigating brace uses a process of lighter forces and lower friction to give you the smile you deserve. It uses a similar form of treatment as the MBT bracket system.

Clear Braces/Invisalign

Your dentist in Woodland Hills may also provide you with an alternative form of orthodontic treatment for your teeth. With various forms of dental procedures available, your dentist can recommend clear braces for you.

Also known as Invisalign, these braces have a series of clear, removable aligners that are designed to help reveal your real smile.

While it still comes with the soreness in the mouth associated with traditional braces, Invisalign has become more popular with adults in recent times. This is because it is much more comfortable to wear than conventional braces.

Booking Your Appointment

The pain and discomfort associated with getting braces can deter you from getting a dental procedure done. Dr. Bita Orthodontics Group provides you with a range of orthodontic treatments in the Woodland Hills area to help you gain the perfect smile.

To book an appointment call (818)981-0640 or visit the website at drbitaorthodontics.com to get more information.

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