February 22, 2019 Dr. Bita Moalej

Tips to Consider Before Getting Braces in Tarzana

If you are considering different orthodontic treatments for teeth correction, you will be glad to know there are many options out there. With these procedures no longer being just for children, it is easy to find different types of braces that suit your needs.

While getting braces was once a symbol of awkwardness, it has turned into a significant rite of passage for teenagers with fun colors and hashtags.

Advances in orthodontic technology have helped diminish the stigma associated with adults getting braces in Tarzana. Tarzana welcomes the Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group. This group provides a few tips you should consider before getting braces for yourself or your child.

Adult Braces in Tarzana

Get Your Dental Work Done First

Before getting your braces done in Tarzana, it will be necessary to have other dental procedures completed first.

This will also include getting your teeth cleaned and undergoing a wisdom teeth removal procedure. This is important to prevent interference with the orthodontic treatment.

Not Just For Cosmetics

Your desire to get braces may mainly be to get straight teeth so that you can smile more. While braces help you get this cosmetic look, they also help with bite and jaw alignments issues, in addition to correcting your teeth. This will ultimately come in handy for improving your overall oral health.

Brushing Your Teeth Becomes More Important

Once you get your braces, it will become more difficult to brush your teeth. To ensure that your teeth remain healthy during treatment, it is essential that you keep on brushing your teeth. It is also vital that you equip yourself with a gum-safe toothpick, travel-sized paste, and toothbrush.

These items come in handy because things get easily stuck between the brackets and wires of the braces. Brushing will ensure that you keep your breath fresh and resolve all these problems efficiently.


Pain is Part of the Procedure

Getting your dental treatment done in Tarzana will ensure that you or your child gets quality care. This is mainly because getting braces may involve some mild pain, particularly after braces are initially placed or when the wires are tightened. People can check out One of the best Joint Pain Clinic in Homewood, here!

To relieve this discomfort, it is advisable to chew sugar-free gum or suck on ice. Also, when getting used to your new braces, you may be required only to eat soft foods or take over the counter pain medication.

Requires Commitment

To ensure that treatment is progressing correctly and have the proper adjustments made, it may be necessary to see a dentist near you for at least 3-4 weeks. This will ensure that you get proper dental care.

Diet Adjustment

Before you get your braces, it is may be necessary to limit or get rid of certain foods from your diet. This includes very hard foods like corn, gummy or sticky foods like caramel and gum, and foods that you have to yank to chew, like jerky.

Finding the Best Dentist near You

Having vital information about braces beforehand will make your experience much more comfortable. Dr. Bita Orthodontics is the best dentist in Tarzana, offering you and your children braces for beautiful smiles and straighter teeth.

To find out more about adult braces in Tarzana, call (818) 981-0642 and get assistance from a staff member.

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