September 22, 2018 Dr. Bita Moalej

The Effectiveness of Sherman Oaks Braces

Your teeth and the teeth of your children are important to you, and you always want to do what you can to make sure they are cared for properly. Even with the best oral hygiene, you or your child may face a situation where teeth are misaligned. Situations like this can go beyond simple cosmetics and can affect things like speech and eating. Braces are always a viable option to help you, but perhaps you are skeptical regarding just what braces can do for the investment. Here at the Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group, our Sherman Oaks braces can be highly effective for you and your child.

Braces to Correct Issues

Many people, young and old, have teeth that may be too close together. Or, they might have gaps in their teeth that can create cosmetic and physical issues. Braces are designed to help correct these problems by slowly bringing the teeth back to their proper position. Correcting these issues can make life more comfortable and provide you with a stronger sense of self-confidence because your smile will look natural. Today, there are many more options available than there have been in the past.

Sherman Oaks Braces

Options for Braces when Living in Sherman Oaks

At the Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group, we offer great options in Sherman Oaks braces that are right for you and your budget. While traditional braces are certainly available and are highly effective for many people, we also offer options using invisible braces so braces can be worn without anyone noticing at all. There are also lingual braces that go behind the teeth so that the braces are unseen while they do their job. We offer a wide variety of choices to suit all our patients.

Learn about Braces with Us

You can find out much more about your options for Sherman Oaks braces and what will work best for you or your child when you contact us here at the Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group. You can call us at (818)629-1981 to schedule a free consultation with us so we can perform an examination and provide you with the best, most affordable choices for you that can help your teeth and your smile. If you need to send us a message, please use our online contact form. Just fill it with your name, email address, phone number and inquiry so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

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