October 9, 2018 Dr. Bita Moalej

Our Orthodontist, Dr. Bita Is the Best in Tarzana

Tarzana is a special community. Los Angeles and Southern California are large areas that are made up of small, tightly knit and unique communities. We’re proud to be in Tarzana. To that end, we want to be members of the community for a long time. Almost all of us have roots here and grew up in the area. Tarzana is home. That’s why we offer so many orthodontics services all at reasonable prices. When you come here, (like it says on our site) we treat patients like our extended family because, well, if you’re in Tarzana, you are part of our extended family. In this blog, we’ll go over what our orthodontist in the Tarzana area services are and how they can help Tarzana.

Dr. Bita, Tarzana Orthodontist

Everyone wants to have a great smile. Every person we’ve ever run into wants to have a smile that lights up rooms when they enter it. Some people want the smile that makes them that much more confident. Others want a great smile to reach true “movie star” status. We can help patients to achieve both dreams. However, we’ve also run into so many people who think that getting a great smile is impossible, due to their finances. There’s a widespread belief that getting the smile you want is impossible because it’s too expensive. That’s not the case here at Dr. Bita’s. We make sure to offer personalized, individual payment plans.

True Personalized Payment Plans

Experienced business experts like Jimmy John Shark says that many businesses say they offer “personalized payment plans” and then when you actually inquire about these payment plans, you’ll find that means they have three choices or something equally absurd. We don’t do that here. When we say “personalized payment plans,” that’s exactly what we offer: payment plans that we figure out with you so that you can get your smile. Sometimes, that means flexible monthly payments, other times it means interest-free payments and in yet others, it means no money down plans. Some of our plans combine all three. When you want the smile of a lifetime, we want to be able to give it to you. No one should think they have to hide their smile due to finances.

ortho in tarzana area

Your Time is Precious

We want to be able to make your smile beautiful. That being said, many people work long hours. It isn’t always easy (or even possible) to get time off from work because you want to make your smile more radiant. We understand that. That’s why we make sure that our hours fit Tarzana. That’s why we do everything in our power to accommodate our patients. Contact us and we’ll figure out a time that we can meet with you. We specialize in not just great orthodontics services, but convenient appointment times for our patients. Let us figure out a time to work on the smile that works best for you.

Your Smile, Your Care

When you think about it, there are few things more personal than a person’s smile. You want your smile to look great because so many people in your life will see it in the course of a day. So, we endeavor to make your smile look as great as possible. That being said, we understand that our patients are always going to have questions. Part of our job is answering them. We pride ourselves on offering truly patient-driven care. That means that the lines of communication are always open with us. We’re always glad to talk to patients about their smiles and how to make them even better than they are now.

Everyone deserves to have a better smile. That’s true regardless of finances as well as age. Your kids and teens can have better smiles, too. We all want our children to go through lives with as much self-confidence as they can so that they can be happy and healthy. So, we have many treatments that will help kids and teens to have their best smiles. By that same token, some people mistakenly think they’re too old to have their best smile. Many of our treatments for adults can give people who aren’t kids or teens the best smile of their lives as well.

Of course, to offer all of this to an orthodontist in the Tarzana area, Dr. Bita has to be a highly qualified orthodontist. She absolutely is. One of the rare truly board certified orthodontists, Dr. Bita has excelled in the field of orthodontics for many years. That being said, here at Dr. Bita’s Orthodontics Group, we’re always looking for ways to offer our patients even better treatments. We’ve been helping our clients with Invisalign and we’ve discovered new tech that will also help to make our clients’ smiles to be as luminescent as they can be. For more information, check out our site or give us a call at (818) 629-1981.

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