January 18, 2019 Dr. Bita Moalej

Encino Orthodontist Showing Many Adults That Braces Are Worth It

Getting orthodontic work can be a large commitment, especially for someone who does not know a lot about the process of orthodontic work. This commitment can seem even larger if you have reached an age that may seem unusual to get braces. Many who have passed their teenage years feel embarrassed or self-conscious to get braces as society has pushed the idea that it should only be treated in formative years. This is not the case, it is completely appropriate and common to get braces in your adult years. As an Encino orthodontist, Dr. Bita can ensure you that you are more than comfortable in accepting the commitment of your orthodontic work.

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Encino Orthodontist Showing You Why It’s Worth It

So, why do people think getting braces as an adult is such a taboo embarrassing activity? Firstly, many adults do not want to go through the pain of getting braces. It is rare to hear about the joys and comfort of getting metal brackets installed to your teeth. After every visit to the orthodontist to the brackets will be tightened and restart the soreness once again. Aside from the pains of tightening, patients may also experience pain if they encounter any other appliances such as a palette expander. A palette expander is expanded on a daily basis and widens your palette by slowly breaking the bone in the top of your mouth.


Aside from pain, many adults do not want to endure the discomfort that comes with braces. After each tightening process, the pain hinders many adults from eating the regular things they enjoy. After the first few days as your teeth get used to being shifted, they are very fragile. Smoothies, eggs, soups, and other soft foods are what many have to resort to eating after treatment. This isn’t just about the pain, but the comfort and experience. It is taxing on an individual to have to plan all their food in advance and dedicate time to be enjoying their meals. Even for many, planning in advance is not enough because many find much pleasure in indulging in foods in their pass time.

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Pain and discomfort can set adults from getting braces since they believe they don’t have time for that. Encino orthodontist, at Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group, we will take the time to show you that it is worth it and not unusual to care about your teeth. By the end of your treatment, you will have straighter teeth and a happy smile that will make you realize that your experience was worth every second. For information head to Dr. Bita’s website or call (818) 981-0640.

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