September 28, 2018 Dr. Bita Moalej

Dr. Bita Orthodontist’s Qualifications in Tarzana

There are many different locations that claim they have the best qualification as an orthodontist in Tarzana. However, only one can truly claim the title: Dr. Bita. For many years, she’s been helping the people of Tarzana to have the smile they always wanted. In our busy, modern age, it’s not always easy to help your teeth look their best. In fact, teeth are the kind of thing that’s easy to overlook and take for granted. However, tooth problems can be genuinely debilitating. So, Dr. Bita takes great pride in helping adults and children to have healthy teeth.

Dr. Bita Orthodontist in Tarzana

Of the many qualifications that make Dr. Bita the best orthodontist in Tarzana, one stands out: she’s board certified. “Of course she is,” you might be thinking, “every orthodontist is board certified.” While it seems like that might be the case, it’s actually not true. In fact, only around 33% of orthodontists in the country are board certified. That’s one of those shocking facts that when people hear it, they don’t always believe it. However, it’s 100% true. So, you could trust your teeth to an orthodontist who hasn’t really been tested or lacks certification. Of course, the better option is to trust Dr. Bita.

Best Orthodontist in Tarzana


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Many of the orthodontists who claim they’re the best orthodontist in Tarzana talk a big game about how they’re an orthodontist for everyone, and that all deserve to have the kind of teeth they want to have. However, when it comes time to charge their patients, it’s easy to discover they don’t believe in that. Too many orthodontists overcharge their patients, making them pay too much for services. Dr. Bita doesn’t believe in that. She believes that finances shouldn’t hold you back from having a beautiful smile. So, here at Dr. Bita’s Orthodontics, we offer flexible payment plans. We can sit down with you and figure out a payment plan that works for your needs.

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In fact, that’s one of the things we take the most pride in here: making a plan that works for everyone. That’s how we do it in regards to payment. Many of our payment plans ask for no money down and are interest-free so that anyone who wants better teeth can get them. By that same token, we also make customized individual treatments, too. Everything the orthodontist in Tarzana does for you is done specifically for you and you alone. No two sets of teeth are the same, and Dr. Bita understands this. She always makes sure that your plan meets your needs.

Tarzana Orthodontist and More

Those are the facts. When looking for an orthodontist, you can go to someone who has shown a continued pursuit of proficiency and genuine excellence in orthodontics. That’s what the title “Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics” means, and that’s the title they gave Dr. Bita. If you give us a call at (818) 629-1981 or head to our site, we can figure out a way to give you the teeth you’ve always wanted.

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