adult braces in Studio City

At the Studio City office of Dr. Bita, you can avail of a wide array of orthodontic services for adults who want to straighten their teeth or correct their jaw.

Dr. Bita is an expert on issues that involve the jaw. It doesn’t matter if your teeth are fully formed or have been hardened. They can be adjusted or moved to make them straight through the braces Studio City options provided by Dr. Bita’s clinic.

Within the orthodontics department, there are various specialties that an orthodontist can train in. Overall, Studio City braces treatment of Dr. Bita offers a solution to position your teeth and jaw properly, thereby, changing the overall shape of a patient’s face.

At the office of Dr. Bita in Studio City, the patients are pleasantly surprised by the dramatic change in their look after they have completed their adult braces treatment.

The dentists at Dr. Bita’s clinic received additional training in the orthodontic area. They also practiced orthodontics for decades. With that in mind, you can be sure that you will obtain dependable and reliable results.

If you live in the Studio City area and you wish to straighten your teeth, we invite you to call us and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bita and discuss your goals with the appropriate treatments available to you.

Are Adult Braces Necessary?

Most adults did not receive orthodontic treatment when they were still kids. Thus, their crooked or crowded teeth, as well as overbites and underbites, have been left untreated.

But these dental issues can actually cause tooth decay, earaches, and headaches, among others. They also experience biting or chewing problems. Speaking may also be a problem.

Children and adults will receive the same benefits of having an improved smile as a result of wearing braces. But because adults’ bones are no longer growing, the treatment can take longer than it does for children.

The average period that an adult can wear braces is 18 months to 36 months. Apart from that, they must wear a retainer to maintain the results.

Types Of Braces

Adults braces are custom-made at Dr. Bita’s Studio City clinic. These appliances are used to straighten teeth. Not only that. They are also used to correct your bite.

If you’re worried that you’d look hideous when you wear metals on your mouth, don’t be. New materials are being used to make the braces less noticeable. That said, if you don’t like having a “metallic” mouth, you can opt for tooth-colored ceramic braces or the invisible aligners, known as Invisalign.

When you visit Dr. Bita’s clinic in Studio City area, you will know the best type of adult braces that can offer you the best results.

Adjusting Life With Adult Braces

At first, you will experience discomfort. You may also find it difficult to eat or speak.

Regardless, you need to ensure that your teeth and brackets are clean. If you opt for non-removable adult braces, food can get trapped between your teeth and gums.

Thus, make sure to follow Dr. Bita’s instructions on how to brush, floss and rinse your teeth properly. In this way, you can reduce your risk of getting cavities.

You must also reduce your consumption of carbohydrates and sweets. If left behind, the sugar and plaque can combine to make your mouth acidic causing your teeth to decalcify and decay.

Are There Foods To Avoid?

Although there are no specific foods that can harm your braces, it’s ideal to avoid foods that can dislodge the brackets. It means raw carrots, popcorn, pretzels, and other hard foods are off-limits.

You must also avoid sticky foods, like taffy and gum, as they can get stuck between your teeth and gums. When they do, they can bend wires or knock bands causing brackets to loosen. Now, if this happens, your treatment can be extended.

To achieve better results, it is ideal that you invest time in a healthy smile by going the distance and visiting your orthodontist regularly or as required. Consult Dr. Bita for a schedule that is most appropriate for you.

What Sets Dr. Bita’s Clinic Apart From The Rest?

Most orthodontic offices in Studio City operate as a high-volume dental office. But at Dr. Bita’s clinic, the reception area does not have a queue because the clinic’s goal is to offer patients high-quality and professional service in a comfortable, not crowded environment.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Metal braces are options that you can try to straighten your teeth. However, they can’t offer the same level of comfort and convenience that Invisalign can.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your life right now; you will embrace the benefits of the cutting-edge approach of having clear braces and wearing them in Studio City area. They have minimal interference in how you live. However, they can provide you a positive impact on how you feel and look about yourself.