September 10, 2018 Dr. Bita Moalej

Best Invisalign in Tarzana

When your teeth are crooked, it’s natural to feel like there’s not much you can do. If you’re a kid, maybe you can get the help of an orthodontist to straighten them out. But, as a grown-up, it’s normal to feel like you’re stuck with crooked teeth. That’s not the case anymore, though. There is hope. We offer the world’s most advanced clear tooth aligner. It’s called “Invisalign.” In fact, we can offer you the best Invisalign in Tarzana. We’ll give you Invisalign with the highest quality and at the lowest, most reasonable price.

About Invisalign in Tarzana

We’re proud to offer the best Invisalign in Tarzana. It took roughly twenty years of research to make Invisalign. To make sure that you get the best smile possible, we use the “iTero Element” scanner. It’s been said that this scanner is “where your new smile begins.” What it does is, it allows you to see what your smile will look like with Invisalign. In a matter of moments, we use the scanner to create a 3D image of your teeth. You won’t have to deal with any kind of weird goop in your mouth. You certainly won’t have to go through any gagging or something like that. You get scanned, and then you get an Invisalign that fits.

Best Invisalign in Tarzana

An Orthodontist for Tarzana

The material used in our Invisalign in Tarzana is just one more facet of the aligner that sets it apart. All Invisalign aligners are made of what’s called “SmartTrack” material. This material is gentle, yet it applies a constant force to your teeth. That way, they get in the right position and stay there, all without causing you any discomfort. On top of that, these aligners are also snug against your teeth, so you never have to worry that they’re going to move out of position or something like that. You’re in control with SmatTrack – as it gives you greater control of your own tooth movements.

Tarzana Invisalign and More

Perhaps the best thing about SmartTrack materials is that it makes for faster treatment. On average, treatment times go up to 50% faster with SmartTrack and Invisalign than with other brands and materials of aligners. Maybe you’ve spent your whole life with teeth that weren’t in the position you wanted them to be. Or, perhaps, your teeth recently began to move. No matter what, you can get started with our Invisalign in Tarzana to get the smile you want by calling us at (818)-629-1981  or going to our website.

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