May 2, 2018 Dr. Bita Moalej

Get the Best Encino Orthodontist For The Whole Family

You want everyone in your family to have beautiful smiles that they can be proud of. You may not have been able to afford dental treatment when you were younger, but now you mean to make sure that everyone in your household can get the dental work that they need. If you need more than just simple cleaning or cavity filling, then you need a specialist dentist. From adults to children, you will be looking for the best Encino orthodontist can work with all of you to get great results. We can help you to fix up your smile, and ensure that your whole family looks great.

The Best Encino Orthodontic Cares for the Whole Family

You may have realized that your teeth are not aligned correctly and that this is a family trait that you have passed onto your kids. Your spouse may also want medical attention for misaligned teeth or excess gaps between their teeth, all of which have to be fixed by a specialist orthodontist. We know that when you come as a family, you will have individual needs that have to be addressed, and our experience will allow us to treat you and every other member of your household in order to get the best results for your mouth.

Best Encino Orthodontist

Treating Teenagers 

Difficult and uncompromising, young adults and teenagers tend to be reluctant to go to the dentist or have any dental work performed. However, we know that these young people really need to have their smile corrected before they get much older and that there are ways to avoid the old-fashioned metal braces which teenagers are so afraid of. In many cases, we are able to make use of hidden braces or clear braces that will correct the angle of the teeth without causing discomfort or embarrassment.

Treating Adult Family Members 

We are also seeing a rise in the number of adults who are turning to the best Encino orthodontist for assistance with problem teeth. You can get treatment and therapy for your smile regardless of your age, and we can also work with you to straighten your teeth in order to alleviate problem bites or resolve issues with your jaw that could be causing you some discomfort. To make an appointment to visit the Dr. Bita Orthodontic group, just contact us today at (818) 981-0640. We can assist you with arranging appointments and answering any queries that you may have about our services.

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