March 29, 2019 Dr. Bita Moalej

Adults and Children Can try Invisalign Braces in Van Nuys

Having misaligned teeth is unappealing as a child and can destroy someone’s confidence as an adult. While most people have dental treatment as children or teenagers, there are still a surprising number of adults in America who have misaligned or crooked teeth. A single tooth poking out at the wrong angle can be harmful to your self-confidence, meaning that you don’t smile or laugh as much as you want to in public. It could also mean that you struggle to keep your teeth clean because the misaligned tooth gets in the way. If this is the case for you, then now might be the time to discuss having adult invisalign braces in Van Nuys at our clinic, we can help you to get the perfect smile you have always wanted.

Correcting your smile with braces

There are several ways in which you can improve the look of your smile with the help of acceledent when you need dental treatment as an adult. In most cases, it will not be necessary for you to wear the heavy metal braces common in children and teenagers, and you may benefit from advanced technology which will allow you to get braces which will improve your smile without affecting your appearance at work or while socializing. For example, you may be able to wear a plastic brace which can be removed for several hours at a time, so that you don’t have to wear it during important meetings or when going out to dinner.

Invisalign Braces in Van Nuys

Using Invisalign braces

One of the most common forms of braces for adults offered by dental surgeries is the Invisalign range. These are extremely popular with adults because they offer greater flexibility, and also mean that you don’t have to wear thick and heavy braces that would be obvious to everyone. Invisalign braces are used by many adults treated in our surgery because they are discreet and also extremely effective in correcting the most common dental alignment problems, such as pointed teeth at the front, or a single tooth which has grown out of position in the lower jaw. All of these problems can be resolved through the use of Invisalign braces. Adults looking for high quality, clear braces should benefit from the use of these braces to correct problems with tooth alignment.

Start dental treatment today

You are never too old to benefit from using braces with our Van Nuys dental team, so you need to talk to us today about the best way to get the smile you have always wanted. If you are looking for a particular type of brace, then we may be able to help you with recommendations and a choice of our select brace sets. When you are ready to take the plunge and start making use of braces, then we are here to help you get started. Simply make an appointment with us today to let us assess your dental needs, and to estimate how much your braces will cost. Talk to our team to arrange an appointment by calling (818) 981-0640 now.

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