June 13, 2018 Dr. Bita Moalej

A Hidden Gem for Quality Hidden Braces Encino

Getting quality hidden braces Encino can make wearing braces easier. Most people have an idea in their head of what braces look like. It’s often some large, almost angry looking metal contraption out a horror movie. Noticeably visible and obviously painful, these braces can seem like torture devices. However, modern braces are nothing like those. Technology has advanced so far that today’s braces are comfortable and essentially invisible.

Hidden Braces Encino – Hide/Eliminate the Negative Parts

In the old days, to get braces, one had to put a soggy, gooey mess in their mouth to help get an impression that braces could be made from. It’d smell horrible and somehow taste even worse. Swallowing and breathing would be difficult and problematic at best. However, today Dr. Pita’s Orthodontics Group uses the iTero Element Scanner to get rid of these problems. Instead of some weird goop, they use a digital scanner to get a far more comprehensive (and comfortable) picture.

No Long Wait Times

Getting braces done used to be a lengthy, drawn-out process that would seemingly take forever. Now though, orthodontics professionals can see a digital readout of the scan of a patient’s teeth immediately. Even better, that scan is in crystal clear 3D. So, they can literally see every single part of the patient’s teeth. It’s easier to make hidden braces in Encino when the orthodontist can see the “hidden” parts of the teeth.

hidden braces Encino

Personal Customization

Not all that long ago, braces had a bit of a “one size fits all” problem. However, Invisalign braces can be perfectly tailored to someone’s teeth. As they’re made from the best, most space age technology, they can fit a person’s mouth and teeth perfectly. That makes it possible for them to give someone the perfect alignment, hence – the perfect smile. All the while, these hidden braces in Encino can’t be seen from the outside.

One and Done

Too many people who sat through getting an impression of their teeth for their braces way back when would find out that the impression needed to be retaken. This could’ve been for any number of reasons, all of them annoying to the patient. The iTero makes all of that a distant story from the past. The 3D technology completely and totally eliminates ever having to retake an impression. That means the patient can get back on with their day faster.

See Tomorrow’s Brighter Smile Today

For many people who get hidden braces in Encino, a great smile is (alas) something they only dreamed about. What’s great about this new technology is that it shows the “end result” on the screen. That way, the patient can see what their perfect smile will look like once they’ve worn the Invisalign for a while. Then, the “perfect smile” goes from a dream to a vision; a reality to be worked towards. And, the entire time, no one will know that you’re wearing braces. That’s because you got the right hidden braces in Encino.

Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group offers services to adult patients and can answer any questions you may have about the procedure. Contact us at any time to discuss your plans to get quality hidden braces in Encino.

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