January 10, 2019 Dr. Bita Moalej

Get Your Work Done At a Tarzana Orthodontist

Finding orthodontic care that is both local and with great ratings is what many want on their search for dental work by an orthodontist in Summerlin, LV. If you’re looking for orthodontic work that probably means that somewhere down the line you or the person you are seeking help for is unhappy with the way their teeth look. Not to worry, there are many orthodontic groups that have many procedures like dental implants, Invisalign, etc. that can make sure you are getting the treatment you need to feel happy. It is important to make sure that when looking for your Tarzana Orthodontist, you look into all the different services like dental implants, Invisalign, etc. they offer.

Orthodontist in Tarzana

Traditional Braces At a Tarzana Orthodontist


Traditional Braces recommended by orthodontist in San Francisco, CA  are probably a staple option in the services being offered at your local Tarzana Orthodontist. Traditional Braces include all the brackets and wires you normally presume are involved when receiving treatment. This traditional form of braces, although popular, is not what everyone’s first choice is. Traditional braces are gaining less traction in a world where people are self-conscious of the stigma around braces. In a society where aesthetic is held as a high standard, having traditional braces pulls away the red curtain of beauty for some. Since some may feel embarrassed, especially in older age, they may seek for other methods of straightening their teeth.

More Alternatives


Lingual Braces are another option that some can turn to in lieu of traditional braces on their search at a Tarzana Orthodontist. Lingual Braces are similar to traditional braces except instead of being placed on the front of teeth that are visible within view, the brackets are placed behind the teeth. This way, you can have the product of traditional braces except you can get your orthodontic work done discreetly with less hassle of publicly managing them. This is beneficial for adults who would love to have the cost efficiency of braces, but the sleekness of transparent braces. The only issue is, lingual braces are practically the same type of treatment as traditional braces except they are placed differently. That being said, they have the same setbacks such as food getting stuck in the braces and troubles with soreness, compared to invisalign braces that use clear tray aligners. When it comes to gum trouble, there are Unionville gum disease options to help solve the problem.


Invisalign is an alternative form of treatment you can find at a Tarzana Orthodontist that differs from lingual and traditional braces. Invisalign does away with metal wires and brackets that poke you at slight movements and instead replace them with a sleek casing. The casing or mold is transparent and is placed over your teeth to ensure that your teeth are shifting to their desired position while providing you with discreet treatment. The only setback to Invisalign is that some find that they constantly have to remove and place their clear braces back on in between meals. The soreness of traditional and lingual braces is still there, but the time period of straightening teeth is shortened with Invisalign.

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