March 15, 2021 staff

First Checkup for New Braces

Your first orthodontist visit is the most important step towards improving your smile. In the lead up to your exam, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous or scared.

Having accurate information about what to expect during your first appointment will help prepare you for your free consultation.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children get their first check-up with an Orthodontist no later than age 7.  An examination, as permanent teeth take the place of baby teeth and as the face and jaws are growing, will determine if a problem exists or if one is developing. Only a few orthodontic problems need correction while a child has baby teeth. If a problem is detected, chances are a “wait-and-see” approach will be taken.  In that case, the child would go into an observation phase and their growth and development would be periodically checked and monitored. Then, an orthodontist or cosmetic dentistry specialist will recommend a suitable treatment to correct any dental issues to improve oral health.

Will I Get Braces During My First Orthodontist Appointment?

Yes! You will be able to get braces or aligners during your first visit. But before we recommend treatment, we will need to perform an orthodontic evaluation and determine the best treatment for your smile. After a team member has thoroughly reviewed your alignment, they will share their insights about what treatment options can help enhance your smile.

What Happens at the First Appointment?

During your free consultation, we’ll give you a quick tour of our office, and you’ll meet our orthodontic team. We will examine you and take complimentary photographs and x-rays of your mouth and teeth.

A customized treatment plan will then be created to address your specific needs. We encourage you to ask any questions concerning your treatment plan and learn about financing plans and insurance options. Your cosmetic dentistry specialist may also recommend additional services like crown replacement to further improve the aesthetics of your smile.


A proper introduction is instrumental to any great experience. We want to make sure you feel comfortable working with our team, so we will make sure to greet you upon arrival and give you a quick tour of our office. We have three offices near you, including locations in Kirkland, Snohomish, and Lake Stevens.

Paperwork and Relevant History

A member of our team will ask you to fill out paperwork regarding your health history. It will also inform us of the last time you had x-rays, your last relevant consultation, and previous issues you may have experienced.

Exam and Imaging

During your exam, one of our orthodontic specialists will use advanced 3-D scanning, x-rays, and visual inspection to get a sense of your needs. We use this information to help us strategize your brilliant smile.

Discovery and Treatment Plan

Next, we will determine potential treatment plans to achieve your new smile. We can decide which plan is best for you based on your budget, predicted results, and treatment length.


Before proceeding with a treatment plan, we want to make sure you have a complete understanding of what to expect. We encourage you to ask questions, and we will be able to address any concerns and chat with you about your options. Bonus: we’ll even prep some helpful materials for you to review at home.


Our team will review your insurance and discuss payment options that fit your budget. Dr Bita Orthodontics offers flexible financing options and payment plans to help make treatment costs more manageable.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

After your initial consultation, we will schedule the following appointment to begin your treatment plan. We can’t wait to meet you and help you start your journey to a straighter smile!