June 12, 2017 Dr. Bita Moalej

You Should Know about What Hidden Braces in Encino Can Do for You

Even though you know how important it can be for your child or you to wear braces to help improve the look and health of your teeth, you both may not look forward to the prospect of having braces. You know how it can affect you and your smile for the time you wear the braces, and it can cause problems with confidence and self-esteem. The typical metal braces have long had this effect on teens and adults, but now there are better options for you, including the use of lingual braces. There are a few things you should know about what hidden braces in Encino can do before you decide if you want to go ahead with this option.

The Benefits of Lingual Braces

There are benefits to wearing lingual braces today. First, most people like the idea that the braces are essentially hidden from view. These braces are placed behind your teeth instead of in front like traditional braces. This keeps the braces from view of people so no one may know that you even have braces. It can help to give you or your teen a greater boost of confidence knowing you are getting the benefit of braces without having the look of the metal front and center in your mouth. Lingual braces can also make it easier for you to speak than traditional braces, something some people have an issue with over time. You will also require fewer visits for adjustments with lingual braces.

Hidden Braces in Encino can







Finding Out about These Braces

You should know that not everyone is a good candidate for what hidden braces in Encino can do. When you come to our practice at the Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group, you can get a comprehensive exam and evaluation of your teeth and mouth. This exam can help to determine if you are a good candidate for braces like this and we can discuss all of the options with you. Some people will be better off with traditional braces because they provide for the proper adjustments, but we can help you to see if you are a good fit for lingual braces.

Get an Appointment to Learn More

You can arrange for an appointment to learn more about what hidden braces in Encino can do for you, and see if they are a viable option for you or your child. You can call us at the Dr. Bita Orthodontic Group at 818-981-0640 to schedule an appointment with one of our orthodontists so you can get an evaluation and see what the best treatment for you or your child will be at this time.

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