October 15, 2018 Dr. Bita Moalej

Clear Choice for Encino Invisalign

No one wants to have to wear braces. That’s been a fact of dentistry and orthodontics going back quite a few years. So, orthodontists did everything they could to find some better way for patients to get the smiles they wanted. Over the years, one powerful technology became available as way to give patients the smile they always wanted: “Invisalign.” It does exactly what the name suggests it does: it aligns your teeth into your best smile while being completely invisible. We’ve found that even some of our Encino Invisalign patients don’t know everything about how the process works. In this article, we’ll explore how Invisalign works and all that it has to offer.

Our Encino Invisalign

Teeth molds can be, for lack of a better word, pretty gross. There’s nothing fun about having one of those in your mouth for any length of time. You shouldn’t have to go through having one of those just to get the smile of your dreams (as well as the dreams of anyone who might notice your smile). So, Invisalign starts with a “smile scan.” That’s where our Dr. Bita uses the iTero scanner to get a 3D rendering of your teeth. It’s a simple, easy and non-gross process. Better still, it moves fast, too. You don’t want to have to wait any longer than necessary to get your best smile.

A Smile for the Ages

From there, Dr. Bita uses that scan to figure out the best “plan of attack” for your smile. That means looking at that scan to discover the best way to make your smile shine its brightest. Your smile is unique and your own. Invisalign uses data from over five million smiles to chart a course towards you having your best smile. Of course, once Dr. Bita finishes this step, she can show you what your smile will look like. You’ll get to see how beautiful your smile will son b before anyone else gets to.

Encino Invisalign


Best Smile, Best Materials

The use of cutting-edge technology isn’t limited to the mold and the scan. We know how uncomfortable many aligners can be. Braces, retainers and more – too many people have horror stories from using such products (and worse) in the past. The patient’s comfort should always be a priority. Invisalign understands that and so does Dr. Bita. So, Invisalign is made with what’s called “SmartTrack material. That means that the aligner fits your mouth perfectly. “Perfectly” is this context is defined as “it fits the shape of your mouth” as well as “it fits your mouth by feeling natural and normal.” You won’t feel any pain or even irritation from having this in there; in fact, you might just forget that you have it in.

Your Gums, Your Invisalign

We often say “everyone’s smile is different.” That’s true, but it’s important to realize that a person’s smile is actually made up of many parts: the teeth, the jaw, the gums and more. In fact, just as everyone’s smile is different, so too is everyone’s gumline. Your gums are a critical part of your smile even if they’re hidden by your lips most of the time. Additionally, where aligners in the past have caused pain in the mouths of patients, it’s often been in the gumline. So, Invisalign was created in part to be easy on the gumline, too. Each Invisalign aligner is individually trimmed so as to fit everyone’s gumline to a T.

It’s important to remember that Invisalign has so many advantages in addition to just comfort. You don’t have to quit eating your favorite foods just because you have aligners in. By that same token, keeping playing sports, too. You like to run, or play basketball or anything else active you like to do – keep doing it. Invisalign lets you enjoy all those activities and many others. The truth is, when you’re worried about your aligners, you can’t really enjoy life as much as possible. Instead of being concerned “can I do this with my aligners in” just go out and do it.  Invisalign should be invisible to those who look at your mouth and invisible to you, too.

We understand that Invisalign is a big step. This is a new technology for many people in the Tarzana area. So, if you have any questions, we’re glad to answer them. Dr. Bita makes a point to help patients to understand how Invisalign could help them to achieve the best smile they’ve ever had. Of course, Invisalign isn’t the only treatment that Dr. Bita offers. She has several years’ worth of experience in helping people’s smiles to be that much more radiant. To schedule a consultation so that she can begin to find the right method to help your smile, give us a call at (818) 629-1981 or head to our site.

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